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Facebook advertisement


Another type of a digital advertising has entered into the worldwide IT market at a fast pace – Facebook advertisement – business (service or product) presentation to all Facebook users. In a nowadays probably  we hardly may find a man who still has no own social network account and do not use an information, data or provided advantages on this network. Even the statistics regarding this question is so impressive – Facebook account has over than 2 billion active users in all the world. A global popularity of a such social network  do an important influence to business generally.

After using of Facebook advertising is possible easily to reach a targeted audience (by classifying it under certain and necessary aspects – age, gender, place of living, social status (that based on incomes), interests, liked page, education, working place and etc.) and establish with it a permanent contact.Such assignment of advert notification to a specific audience guarantees that Your Facebook advertising offers will reach potential clients to whom Your provided services are actual and needful.

Classification of Facebook advertisement

Facebook advertisement is classified into two major types – Premium ir Marketplace, one of which is recommended to choose acording to your advertized product and  financial opportunities as well, because Facebook advertisement is paid.

Premium Facebook advertisement is an advert notification that is showed at the centre of Your existing account (such notification may be visible also on the side). Usually is a standard advertising that is showed on a news flow.

Premium Facebook advertisement includes itself a big number of various aspects – clicks on website, conversions, inclusion of a record (post), events, offers, stories of supporters, and etc. It is worth to discuss as possible in a broad way. Clicks on website are important as they may to link/direct  the users into Your  personal page where they may find all the spectrum of suggested services as well as contact information or other necessary data. Site conversions may promote the users to perform certain actions, i.e., to purchase goods or at least to subscribe a newsletter. Inclusions of records are significant as they are related to notification content – various kind of messages, photos, video records and other elements that are publishing on a page timezone. At the centre of account is possible to publish offers that may be useful to store owners that attempt to promote the clients to visit in that stores. Supporter stories allows to see users‘ responds and actions, such as commentaries, shares, and etc.

Furthermore,this type of Facebook advertisement yra itin veiksminga ir neerzina vartotojų – ji staiga neiššoka kompiuterio ekrane ir neblaško dėmesio, ji atrodo kaip draugų pranešimas (angl. post), todėl vartotojai jos neignoruoja, ji patraukia vartotojų dėmesį ir sukuria jausmą, jog ta žinutė yra jų patirtis is an efficient and has no any negative psychological impact to users –it  not occure so suddenly on the computer monitor and has no an attention distract, it looks like a message of friends (post) , so users usually not ignore as it attract their attention and creates a feeling that this message is their personal experience.

Marketplace Facebook advertisement is situated on  the side of Facebook account as an advert notification (both format of text and video). Is noticed that such advertisements has less users‘ attention (clicks), but relatively is much more cheaper.

Kuriant bet kurią Facebook reklamos rūšį, reklama turi būti įdomi ir patraukianti vartotojų dėmesį, orientuota į pasirinktą tikslinę auditoriją. Rekomenduojama kartu su tekstiniu reklamos turiniu pateikti ir vaizdinę medžiagą (nuotrauką, paveikslėlį ir kt.), nes tai duoda efektyvesnį poveikį. By creating any of Facebook advertisement type the advertising should be interesting and attractive as well pay the user attention and must be oriented into selected targeted audience. Is recommended within textual content of advertising to provide a video material (photo, image, and etc.), because these measures give much more efficient impact.


Facebook advertisement creation  process
By creating Facebook advertisement is important to keep an appropriate sequence of the following steps and such advertising to construct in a direct way.

Also is important a visual content of a Facebook page that must be properly administrated, supervised as it assures of efficient, useful and profitable advertisement.Facebook advertisement should be constantly observed, evaluated its efficiency indicators.

What are the Advantages of Facebook Advertisement and Why is Worth to Choose It?

  1. You are visible to a  targeted audience only and this means a bigger profit as such audience may provide You a big number of followers
  2. By oneself You may plan an advertisement budget (need to pay only for the clicks)
  3. You become much more known and popular not only in Your country of origin, but worldwide. Would like to note that in Lithuania over than a million of active users use Facebook social network.
  4. There is an opportunity directly communicate to your own targeted audience and potential clients.
  5. It is one of the cheapest ways of advertisement.
  1. In a fastest way You may to provide the latest information on Your services or goods.

So, invest into Facebook advertisement and use its advantages is a smart and great solution!