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Remarketing (or otherwise-repeated marketing) – is another way of modern advertising that originated about in 2007 and has gain a huge  popularity in 2010. Remarketing works on the principle of reminder, i.e., visitors are reminded about Your website when they browsing at other Internet sites. This term is used to define re-engaging customers with e-mails.

How Does Remarketing Work ?

The operation of this way of advertising is not complicated. First of all, after  consumer visit at Your website in his computer  is installed the so-called „cookie“ (Cookies– a small-scale text file that has a certain ID, which is passed on from Internet site into Your computer‘s hard disk aiming that site administrator may see that number and Your activity on the Internet.

In those cases when consumer is out of a website without any done purchase he may see Your adverts visiting at other sites.This repeated marketing is possible to adjust/apply according to the actions of consumers.For instance, to users who left a website is possible to display one kind of advertising message, but to other users that subscribe Your newsletter – another kind of advertising message.

By the way, Google may reach over than 2 million Internet sites and is available to more than 90% of Internet users. Remarketing is a great tool to increase percentages of conversion.

In order that consumers do not feel being traced and Your adverts do not irritate them is recommended notifications or messages  to show in a moderate way, update its content or design.


What Are the Types of Remarketing?

Generally, remarketing types are the ways by which You will try to attract the users into Your website once again – just should have to consider how to get their attention. There are existing 4 types of remarketing.

  1. Site remarketing is a standard repeated marketing that includes advert showing to consumers when they already have visited at Your website.
  2. Client management remarketing (or CRM) – Advertising notifications are showed to those consumers which e-mail addresses were sent to a service provider who controlling a database under which is possible to identificate a user. After using this type of remarketing is possible to remind about the website not only to previous site users, but also toa real buyerswho were contacted with You, i.e., has visited at a company that provides Your services or at a shop.
  3. Search remarketing –By advertising notifications is going repeatedly to reach those users that have been already encountered to Your business. In this respect ad notifications will be shown in other websites and will be noticed by users that have never been visited yet at Your website, but have provided to search engines the keywords that are related with your activity (business).
  4. Social remarketing –advert notifications that publishing on the social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and to those users that previously were visited in Your website

Therefore, after using remarketing the real benefit may receive advertising customer (targeted visitor flows are increased), Internet users (they see what is actual and needful only to them), a website owner (gets more clicks and a bigger attention from visitors),  and advertising system (its profit increases after each click).


 Why is worth take advantage in  remarketing?

To those who still hesitate in remarketing or in its benefit is worth to interest of a real advantages.

Firstly, remarketing increases an  investment return

Secondly, remarketing may popularize Your trademark and it becomes more known. Also a user is reminded on Your product, logotype, motto and the other similar items.It gives a result – sales are promoted indirectly and the profit is increasing obviously.

Thirdly, remarketing shows ad notifications to users  not only to them who already have been visited at Your website (and make no any purchase), but especially  to them that never have been visited

Fourthly, remarketing statistics, such as advert  notification usually is clicked in 3 times often neither have using in other types of advertisiment – such  statistics shows the efficiency of remarketing. Furthermore, in those events when the user is already have interested in Your product increases the probability for becoming him a potential buyer

Fifthly, is not necessary to pay an additional attention to audience adjustment (analysis) – all the users that may see Your advert notifications can be called as potential clients.

Finally, by evaluating and analyzing a behaviour of consumers is possible to find out some certain aspects and with a vengeance improve own advert notifications, make them seen as possible more attractive to users. An advantage of it – advert notifications will look naturally, probability to return a visitor is increasing, and sure, Your profit by running such remarketing becomes much more bigger.

Remarketing – undoubtedly is an effective, non-complicated, and a modern way of advertising.  Should only to select right, professional and trustful specialists and to use the results of quality advertising – bigger flows of visitors, popularity, notoriety and a bigger profit !