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What is a SEO audit?
It is a procedure in the website allowing to discover and remove or rectify all the mistakes and scarcities of a website structure, code, content, and etc.that may be an obstacle for having high positions in a search systems
SEO audit must meet several important criteria – comprehensivity (Internet website must be analyzed in detail), compatibility (analyzed website parameters has to meet with criteria of search engine optimization), professionalism (analyzed Internet site and its status, to foresee further website optimization steps). By the way, the best way to perform SEO audit in a manual mode.An auditor may use with a different tools and devices allowing him to check technical problems of a website (interferes), but the real destination of audit is an exhaustive analysis, keyword researches that requires a certain human attention.

SEO audit determines website discrepancies to SEO standards as well as provide professional recommendations how to rectify existing website mistakes.

How the SEO Audit is performed?
In order to get qualified and accurate SEO audit results it is necessary to perform needful actions and comprehensively research specific areas of the website.
1. Analysis of a Current Internet Website Position at Search Results.This step reveals how Internet website is functioning at the result pages of a search system.
2. Analysis of Competitors. It includes the analysis of competitor keywords and their stream of reversible links (feedbacks). Even properly performed SEO audit provides the opportunity to receive the lists of other Internet sites that are related to Your competitors.
3. Analysis of Keywords. By taking an appropriate measures (f.e., Google Adwords keyword planning tool) is possible to analyze the position of a provided keywords at the Internet site as well as to know provided new lists of recommended keywords to use.
4. General Maintenance of a Website. SEO audit includes : Internet website and its indexing of each site, a performed SEO evaluation (rating), evaluation of a domain, a review of site data on Google storage, a website customization for smart devices,and etc.
5. Internal SEO. During the SEO audit is analyzed meta headers and descriptions, design of Internet website, and primarily – the content. Website content and SEO texts must comply to writing rules and requirements as the titles, headers and content structure is the most important part of an internal SEO. By the way, a professional analysis of a website structure includes several stages : website page reach is testing as well as a location of current links (it does not have to be at the bottom of website page), is evaluating a number of links (it depends on size of a website),and etc.
6. External SEO. This action is related to analysis of external links that make a strong impact to SEO results.Is very important to receive an appropriate links and use a honest method to obtain them (or strategy).
7. Other Parameters:
7.1. Website rapidity and loading speed. This Internet site parameter is possible to check by using a Firebug tool for page analysis. You may also use Moz Crawl Test tool, which checks a quantity of website redirects. PageSpeed tool provides recommendations of a page loading speed.
In order to increase Internet site speed is recommended to reduce a size of files like HTML, CSS ir Java Script, to remove technical mistakes and unnecessary information, to set a recording control of temporary files, to optimize images, photos and graphic views.
7.2. Website customization to smart devices. It is one of the Google search system rating factors. If it is not done yet,You may expect that search engine such Internet website can remove from the search results.
7.3. Website duplicates (plagiarized and non-unique content), non-working and invalid links, other URL problems, and etc.
8. Website customization for visitors from other countries. During SEO audit an attention must be paid to a selected domain name (title), into its used ending like .lt, .eu, .uk, .en and so on.As well is evaluated all the opportunities to adopt a website in other countries.

What is the benefit of SEO audit?
One of the major advantages of SEO audit is a comprehensive and clear website analysis that allows to provide professional recommendations to Your own business to exist as well as explains for certain steps in order make Your website as possible more competitive among the rivals.
SEO audit shows which Internet website parameters hinder to reach highest positions at the search systems and provides the steps for immaculate SEO operation.
Therefore is hard to argue by saying that SEO audit is is a way to a major website visitor flows, to a bigger business profit.