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Updates and revisions


Website updating or renewal is a very important process that performing it improperly appears an expectation to lose good positions on search engine result page. In most cases by performing an update is being managed website pages as well as URL addresses, design, content. However, to a website updating strongly impact its character (type) – a representative site, commercial site, media portal, entertainment site, blogs.These are the major and marketable websites each of which are important all other criteria.

Internet Site Types and Properties/Qualities

Representative websites – these are the sites in which may find descriptions of a company activity (history), provided services of a company, or business person is introduced.

Representative website1 img. Representative website example

An updating of such websites is rare because of unchanging information content.
Commercial websites – the most common their name is e-shops.The destination of such stores is promote to purchase offered services or goods.These websites are attractive both to consumers (because it saves a time, is possible to select and purchase a desired product without any moving from home) and to business owners (no need to take care of employees, premises or warehouses, there is no any administrative issue burden, and etc.)

Commercial website example2 img. Commercial website example (Source: Google.com)

By having a commercial website is possible to see data about number of visitors, learn on their habits and plan or focus on the sales. An updating of a such site  type should be implemented under demand – service or goods‘ descriptions (especially on an additional assortment), information on discounts, special offers, and etc. Also, the specialists recommends periodically renew a design of commercial websites.
Media portals – these are the websites,where is published a wide range of articles, present time actualities, the latest news, reviews, and other relevant information.


The functioning of media sites is complicated, because a provided information in it is regularly changing and demand for a constant updating.For this kind operation is required to keep a large personal staff  (journalists, editors, website developers and administrators).

Entertainment websites – these are the sites for leisure that includes a wide range assortment of games, music and movies.

Entertainment website example3 img. Etnertainment website example (Source: Google.com)

The most common use of such sites can either access to them or after acession to download a desired product into Your computer.An updating of entertainment websites is implemented via supplement of an existing assortment by new products like images, descriptions, and etc.

Blogs – Internet diaries, personal websites or just personalized sites, where individuals may publish a desired information on various selected topics.

Blogging website example4 img. Blogging website example (source: Google.com)

Such website requires a lot of attention – an owner of such individualized site must regularly update information (published records) in order to attract new visitors and maintain already existing Internet customers.Blog renewal is related to a content as content keep constantly updated published and certain information.

Internet Site Updating

Basically, each type of a website must be renewed – its design (to be modern, not boring to visitors), technical parameters (customization to smart devices like mobile phones,tablets), features and possibilities, content (it must be appropriate, interesting, actual, valuable and inclusive the users). Each of previously mentioned elements has individual specifics of updating.

Internal SEO – during the updating period of websites all internal site elements are managed : content, design and various technical parameters.

Content is an important site column to visitors and there should match provided the text and images. Such texts should be actual, interesting and valuable for its information.They can be supplemented by images or videos.Quality of a content is also important for search engine systems, so optimization of a content and its updating is a necessary step in order to receive as possible better rating for a website. An attention should also be paid to the tags of the names and  meta descriptions – during the updating period of websites are corrected headers under the their names of articles, categories or goods as well as meta descriptions are included.

The design should be dainty and periodically must be  updated in order not to become too boring for visitors as well not irritate them. The major design function is to reflect activity of a company, design must be strongly connected to a clear website structure within its provided menu and convinient browsing at a right place. During the developing or  updating website process likewise need to take care of matching to a content elements like colour, font, tags, and etc.

Technical parameters are basic elements in updating process of the websites : site rapidity/speed (loading in 3 seconds) and its customization to smart devices. These previously mentioned criteria are also important by receiving  a better search engine ranking.

External  SEO – in this case the most important are guiding references/links. They should have be related with Your website and be constantly active. For that is required a regular website updating in order to direct users to the righr place. Furthermore, during an updating period of  websites their links are overwritten to proper URL addresses.

An updating of Internet sites should be implemented for security reasons too. It means that periodically must be renewed site program code aiming to avoid data theft or malware attacks. Most often, updating of  the websites is oriented to satisfy visitors‘ needs and expectations – to interest them, enrich the knowledge and help them to purchase a desired good or service faster and easier as well as to keep an existing site clients and attract new visitors.This service is also useful to website owners as it may increase the flows of interested visitors within bringing a profit.