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Google advertising


Every second for Google search system is provided more than 2,3 million queries and first positions contain those websites that once or regularly has used the Google Advertising and its benefits. By using Google Advertising the result may seen as more then obvious – fast and considerably higher target customer flow, the website is on the top of highest search results, relatively small investments and as a final result is aquired a high profit. Is also important that the Google search engine covers most of all search systems that used across the world and this also impact to Google Advertising as it widely considered being one of the most effective tools in nowadays.

What is the Google Advertising?
Google Advertising is a strategy after its implementation is published a notification  (advertisement) that is showed on the top or the right side of the Google search result page. Google Advertising is creating under the target keywords or phrases that providing on the search to potential clients, i.e., to those who are interested in Your services.
Visually distinctive / exclusive  feature of the Google Advertising – badge „Ad“ or “Skelb.”

Google ad example1 img. Google ad example

It is important that the customers may  see alongside search results an advertising messages too that fall into higher positions and is as the natural search result, and users may faster notice and as well to familiarize themselves with the advertised service.

Please note that Google advertising is placed in all websites that belong to a  Google network, as well as it may by video format exists on the YouTube website.

How Google Advertising works?

It is a paid advertisement that fee covers three main aspects – CPM, CPC, CPA.

For a properly chosen advertising budget and for efficient Google advertisement the best way out is to trust such task to experienced specialists.

 How Google Advertising is Created?

Google advertisement creation includes itself a number of different, focused and targeted performing steps – from advertising creation to its management and administration.

Client service analysis: what is the activity direction and area, what are the client needs, wishes and expectations
Keyword creation and development process: searching of selected target words, forming of lists that are based on the keywords under client offered search, setting of significant keywords
Optimization of the keywords: steps are performed that needful for searching the services offered to potential clients
Advertising text creation: created text must match the requirements under each selected keyword according to formation principles of Google Advertising – clarity, fluency, attractiveness
The search and choice of partners under selection of the websites there will be shown Google Advetising notification
Conversion: monitoring of the relationship between the user and advertising
Visit monitoring/tracking: how efficient advertising notification is or is it able to attract an attention of visitors
Google Advertising design creation: is design acceptable and attractive to customers
Clicks on Google Advertising: their monitoring/observation
Expenditures of advertising: their management/control
Competitiveness: analysis of competitors/rivals is performed
Improvement of Google Advertising: indicator evaluation of advertising efficiency and using of it for advertising improvement

A proper implementation of these Google Advertising components is very important as it may impact to Your business success.

Why is worth to use Google Advertising?

Professionally and well done Google advertising is so efficient and gives significant results.It may impact to:

  1. Flow increase and expansion of targeted clients and thus to attract new potential clients.
  2. Selected local or global advertising extent depending on targeted service or market.
  3. The budget size of advertising under the individual situation. Please note that is impossible to determine an advance price of Google Advertising as it depends on previously mentioned aspects (advertisement showings, number of clicks on these ads, purchase of services or goods). However, professional Google Advertising developers may help to form a budget.
  4. Google Advertising is implemented during the short period and the results You may notice after several days since such advertising was created.
  5. Is possible at any time to change a content of advertising notification as well as to control its showing time and intensity.

When Google Advertising is needed?

We have noticed frequent questions of clients regarding the best time to use Google Advertising. And we respond to them – always or at any time, especially if You are a business owner and wish to keep a successful way of Your activity within provided benefit, when Your business demanding of bigger customer flows and sure, a bigger profit. Google Advertising will help You having no bigger funds for Your business advertisement aiming to receive efficient results. Google Advertising also may be useful if You have  a purpose and that purpose is to advertise Your product or service.

After using of Google Advertising every month You may evaluate indicators of advertisement (showings,clicks, conversions) that directly impact into Your business success. Seen/visible data You can discuss with advertising specialist and accept further decisions improving an efficiency of advertising.