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External SEO


This process includes all external (outside of Internet site) actions that are required in order that the website will get a favourable evaluation from the search systems and receive high ratings.

External SEO factors are closely related to an Internet site popularity, reliability, confidence and authority, which largely determined by the other assessed and with your website within its themes  related Internet sites or persons that advertising Your website, and ensuring that the site content is of good quality. So an external SEO is actually named as a link process of specific Your website creation and distribution.

However, there is existing a dual perception of an external SEO – such SEO is fully related with the backward links and has no any association to them.

References / links is a basis of an external SEO

The search systems relies on references as an attribute of qualitative content (indicator), and the website that contains as possible more backward links will be seen more favorable and better neither the other website where is published fewer backward links.

There are existing three key reference types, which are classified in accordance with the manner in which it was received.

The standard references or natural links. They are received naturally, without any intervention of the website owner or creator.

For instance: a food blogger by writing a report about own favorite products is using a link, which redirect to the website where is described in detail his favorite production.

It is honest and most positively appreciated method of reference acquisition.

Manually created references or manually links. It is merited, too Referencing process. Rankiniu būdu sukurtos nuorodos (angl. Manually links).They are deliberately earned via link creation process.

For instance: customers are asked to share links to a specific website or is applying to the opinion formers or so called  Influencers that they deliberately and periodically share a website content within the references to them.
Autonomously created links or Self-created links). Very often this type is created through the method of „Black hat SEO”, i.e., when such links are purchased or left anywhere on the Internet space by the special programs.
For instance: deliberately, with an appropriate measures the links that directing to a specific website are left at various online forums, blogs and at different Internet catalogues.
True, the search systems estimate it negatively and has a serious struggle with it.Therefore,  sooner or later, detecting such link building method  the site will be removed from a search system.

Regardless of how such links were earned, they who devote most of  honest efforts to external SEO, has the most impartial websites. There are plenty of indications associated to impartiality:

  1. The popularity of a linked website
  2. The target site topic link to another website where is listed backward references (into the target site)
  3. The relevance and appropriateness of shortcuts
  4. Associated texts used on a website, called as Anchor text
  5. Linked website reliability and high score or rating
  6. Number of shortcuts in the linked page
  7. Linked website and its domain credibility

If backward links meet the following criteria, there is no doubt that the result of an external SEO would be excellent.

Other external factors that are inseparable from an external  SEO (but not related to links)

Although to increase ratings of own website by performing an external SEO is the most common thing in order to publish backward links in the other relevant Internet sites, but this mentioned way is considered to be not the only one. External SEO also includes:


1.Social media marketing

2.Visitor blogs.

3.Linked and unlinked brand mentionings

4.Marketing of opinion formers. (Influencers)


However, SEO professionals disagree to such SEO profiling, because according to them, all  previously mentioned SEO factors are related to backward links.Exactly these links remains on the posts or messages  of social network within related blogs or influencer texts on the Internet site.
An external SEO is based on the individual behaviour – exactly persons as usually share the website content that they like. Even a physical construction product store that realize a high-quality production is receiving many positive customer feedbacks that are addressed to new customers, generally is a result of an externl SEO method.
Therefore, by improving Internet site external SEO is involved both search engine and consumer perception on the quality of a website. Perception becomes positive when You share Your website links to other authoritative sites, when is frequently mentioned  Your brand and is sharing Your site content, and the other sources being outside Your Internet area recommend to visit at Your website.