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Although there are existing many online tips on how to create or promote  a website for free, it’s unlikely that you may have a professional and well-functioning website in this way. The process of web design involves a number of different aspects that requires funds, time and specific knowledge.

These are the basic steps in order to implement web design:

  1. Acquiring of domain (otherwise – purchasing an URL address). This is the user’s web address at the Internet that directing users to the desired web site.

In this case, it is important to know several domain formation requirements or specialist recommendations – an interface with the keywords (a keyword at domain is an element of SEO optimization, so much needed in this way), an interface with the content of website (it defines the purpose of the site and performed activity), uniqueness (it helps to users notice and memorize it), an appropriate word ending – .lt, .com, .net, .eu and etc., clarity and simplicity (it is not advisable to use sophistic and complicated  domain names), brevity (the domain must not be too long and as well unclear, it may interfere users). By the way,the domain must be checked in the Center of Registers and do not match an already existing domain.
2. Website content and structure. The website must involve a high-quality content  (valuable, clear, an interesting, useful and actual to users) as well as provide the other relevant information  – Your contacts, data about the company and its activity, provided services or products (description, photos, and etc.). The content must attract the users as well as it should encourage them to return again.

After the website content is created the next step is to foresee an upcoming structure of the site –  how and where the whole information of a content will be set out.

  1. Content Management System (CMS). These systems (for instance, WordPress, Open Cart and etc.) speed up the web site creation, design and development. Sure, You may also select a unique content management system,but this kind of service is an expensive. Before You decide which CMS is the most suitable it is also important to analyze such systems and finally choose the one that fit for Your website.

CMS is available for customizing  a content at its best way on the Internet, it helps to create and edit the site information, allows coordinate all processes of web design – HTML system, its content, an optimization and system management. By choosing for suitable CMS the content format must be taken into account (text, image and sound) as well as planned design.

  1. Design. After performing the steps on website creation that were mentioned above now You should focus on website design. It is very important website element like Your visit card as well – firstly it attracts users‘ attention, represents the company and its activity.By creating a website design You should keep the principles of moderation – we recommend do not use excess elements, such as different fonts, images, text bold and etc.), match up the colors, provide an information in an appropriate  way.

Website features and functionality. This is another stage of the website development process. A variety of the features can be installed on the site – login, registration, review or commentary writing, different query types, and etc. By installing website features, You should evaluate Your own needs as well as a type of a website (representative site, e-shop or etc.). Please note that e-shop must have  much more features neither representative site in which is enough to provide an attractive information only.

  1. Programming. This Internet website creation stage is related to the features of the site, because the incorrect programming of site may not function properly as expected, the site speed can be poor (may stuck or slowly load), site may not function well on smart devices,You may face the problems in browsing through the site. A professionally programmed website will work smoothly and will be protected against of any kind of malwares as well.

There are existing more additional items for creating and developing web sites: what does a website development package include, who will provide a hosting for website, what are the website optimization  (SEO) processes and what are the terms for maintenance and management of site. Is strongly recommended to consider which website development service You really expect – what kind of structure and content would be provided as well as features and general design. You may perform the analysis of the other functioning Internet websites in order to be sure what is  right and is well and what items You wish not to see at Your own Internet site. The website creation process may become easier if You prepare  a preliminary plan (specification).