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Online shop updates


After creating or purchasing an online shop You should have to update it regularly – within an uploading of renewed data on products and content managing should have also to perform other necesssary works for a website well-functioning, such as internal SEO, external SEO, regular technical surveillance, and etc.

Updating of a content. By updating e-shops / online shops is so essential constantly to manage  their content, change or renew information, publish data making it  to be actual and valuable both to users and to search engines. Search systems have to monitor that e-shops are active constantly. Online store updating must be carried out periodically, because it is a permanent process irrespective of which content management system (CMS made simple, Joomla, Magento, MODX Revolution, Open Cart, Presta Shop, Word Press , and etc.) was chosen by creating e-shop.

Online store updating process is strongly connected to a new or replaced content and must meet several basic requirements :

  1. By updating an online shop and providing in it a product description should have to use special headers, such as:


, or


  1. Description must be a unique and not plagiarized from other Internet sites or e-shops.
  2. Is recommended that extent of description should be not over than 400 words .
  3. Into descriptions must be included keywords. These keywords could be distinguished by various methods using bolds, inequilateral fonts aiming to pay as possible more attention by search engines.

That is why a content to online store updating process is one of the most important aspects..

Internal SEO. It is another an important  step, which must be performed by updating e-shops. Partly it includes content of a website, but not a relevance, usefulness and merit of information to user and mean additional content data only – keywords (purposeful words or phrases that match an essence of a website), headers, meta descriptions, URL address and other elements of internal SEO, which must be interrelated. Furthermore, this data also has to comply specific requirements.:

  1. By granting online store updating services should have to renew keywords (an additional list of existing keywords or to involve new keywords). Is important to know that they cannot be separated by punctuation marks, to separate them the best way is to use this sign – | – which is not visible to search engines.
  2. Keywords should have to include not over than 160 symbols and must be included into product descriptions (even with a mistakes, because such keywords Internet users so often provide in the search systems/engines).
  3. During the process of online store updating the specialists also have to update the headers and do it properly (no more than 70 symbols, i.e., up to four words) as well as meta descriptions (not over than 160 symbols).


The headers is an important part of all the process and they should be renewed keeping in mind both the consumers that may see the headers and search engines that assess such headers generally.Otherwise, description is a short extent text which is seen at each site that is provided in a page of a search engine.

External SEO. In this respect is important links that are provided on e-shop site must be acting/running.

Seeing that consumer needs and market terms always has changing an online shop according to these conditions is not an exception too – its extent, specifics, profitability and rivalry also is changing.Within these items a reference net is creating. E-shops that running in Lithuania usually have links from 200-400 external sources, and their number has always changing due to a regular updating of sources (sites) or they are removing out. Within these amendments references also are changing. In order online store run properly its internal links must be constantly renewed, supervised and controlled.

Updating of Technical parameters. All at e-shop installed functions and programs, server software, browser and even content management system on the basis of which was created such e-shop constantly is renewing. Specialists that working on e-shop creation and development  have no any previous possibility to  foresee all renewals, hereby periodical updating of online stores is necessary.

A permanent e-shop surveillance may help to detect existing scarcities on time and discover its efficient ways of optimization. Online store updating does not let for mistakes at the website as well as prevents to provide non-actual and unnecessary information due to proper running of any function. Moreover, online shop updating grants unlimited  advantages – well-functioning e-shop,its convenient usage, a bigger number of visitors (that even may become potential clients) and sure, a bigger profit.