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Internal SEO

 Internal/Inner SEO

The way in which Internet site is optimized, may have a very significant impact on the overall site rating (it provides search systems and visitors). Basically, to visitors is important the site content, and search systems evaluate both internal and external SEO factors and their adaptation to an Internet site.

Most of all search engine ratings fates a content (internal SEO) and external links (external SEO). This article is dedicated  to discuss on comprehensive internal SEO and its factors.

  1. Content

Content is what makes the website worth for the search result positions, and that is why the visitor visited the website (and preferably – spent enough time and, if necessary, again returned). For this reason, a site content must be OK. What is a good content? As it seen from SEO outlook, a good content must be characterised by two main attributs – should be marketable (an actual, informative and interesting) and related to a particular area or theme / topic.

An ideal content must specific – match a specific theme, to be informative, actual, clear, comprehensive and strongly linked to the visitor provided keywords. True,beside the qualitative content must be an appropriate header/title tags and the URL address (a detailed information about them is described below).

One of the website pages that matching the search system requirements and welcomed by visitors is on Wikipedia showed the Super Mario game description (In Lithuanian Wikipedia’s version many finite entity descriptions match SEO requirements and have earned the most awards of consumers).


Super Mario game description 2 pic. «Super Mario game description

This content is well regarded for several reasons. Firstly, it is unique (it commend by the search systems) and an exhaustive (it commend by the visitors). Secondly, an exact and specific content, corresponded out by the keyword “Super Mario”.

In addition toa page content, this website has an excellent structure, i.e. good layout of the information – heading tag and the URL address. However, the recent internal SEO factors are also very important and must be further discussed.

  1. Caption label (or Title tag)

This is the second after content an internal SEO factor. A header tag is a text that foremost user may see on the search results.

Header label

figure 3.

Even if the website has high positions on the search result page, it is not enough that a visitor may click on it– a headline should have get interested and meet submitted keywords under the visitor request.

Regarding the  header tags, it is important to emphasize that the web browser is also significant.

Web Browserfigure 4. Web Browser

The unique and easily understandable titles that include important keywords, helps to visitors to remember and not to forget a content.

  1. URL

One of the internal SEO objectives– to ensure that website category hierarchy be unrolled at the URL address, which is very important  website match the requirements of search engines. In addition, an appropriate URL structure is required and is useful for search systems – it allows us to understand the importance of site content as well search systems, and help to search engine robots perform the site scanning processes. Therefore, in order to have a neat website structure, it is necessary to grant a suitable page titles.

  1. Optimization of provided images

To images (i.e.,pictures, paintings) must be individually assigned a unique file name, and  the ALT code. It must also be said that in theweb site used images should be in the correct format, associated to a site (or page) theme, but have no covering a content.

Now when the internal SEO factors are disclosed, is possible to value  websites and their relevance both to the search systems and visitors.


For comparison, we present an example of a poorly optimized website:

figure 5. Not optimized for example Website

This website has a very poor rating in the search engines. Although here is provided a suitable header tag within the images, but generally design looks weak, the content is also incomplete and  not linked to the keywords, and raise doubts on its uniqueness. This site is associated with a poor and negative user experience. Previously seen well example of Wikipedia search engines evaluate much more better, and provide to this site higher ratings.

Moreover, it had proved that in over 8 seconds possible  to affect a visitor if he want to stay on this website longer. This means that if the site content is more interesting and valuable the higher rate of visitors is guaranteed– they spend as possible more time on the website and will get a better experience.

In short, to a a professional website is required a qualitative performed internal SEO – a target and specific theme (where is included a header tag, URL address as well as images, and several times mentioned the main content topic), and unique content, links into a certain categories (if those are on the website) page and a link to the main page.