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Website maintenance


One of the most popular modern ways to promote your activities – Internet site or website, but seems obviously that today when consumer needs and market conditions is rapidly changing only to create an Internet site is not enough. Maintenance of the websites becomes so necessary and that demands a time and specific knowledge.

However, there are many cases when after creating and running a website arise a demand to upgrade it – to  install new features, get new IPv4 address for lease, change a design and perform various corrections, or remove an occurred disruptions. All this is done by providing maintenance services of Internet sites that includes a wide range of technical works, such as removing of a system problems, small IT corrections, site administration, and etc.

Surveillance Works of Internet Sites

Generally, such surveillance services includes many different steps of work : placement of information (new articles, photos, video records, actual records, and etc.) into a website, different corrections for a better site functioning, website code mistake repair, Google Analytics observation/monitoring and cooperation with IT company that supervises site server.

Information hosting to Internet site. This services covers elements of the site content : new article lifting to a site, photos (that may be increased or reduced), video records, necessary descriptions/records (it is important during the maintenance of e-shop), publishing of discounts/actions that may after some time be removed, adjustment of graphic information,  installation of . Plugins.

In this respect within the site content (texts, articles, photos, images) is performed a maintenance of website content providing structure and style that are necessary for a structurally neat information layout performing it into easily available and understandable to visitors.

Various types of corrections. In order to website smooth operation need to create and constantly supervise (to administrate) e-mail boxes, if necessary this site to host in the server of other service provider, to prevent and ban for mistakes and malware links and so on. Surveillance of Internet sites helps to avoid of any kind mistakes and disruptions. If necessary, possible to contact and cooperate to IT company that provides such maintenance services.

Repair of Site Code Mistakes. Website maintenance specialists ensure for a smooth site operation aiming to prevent of any technical problems that may occur during the work, such as coverage of menu elements, deformation of images, texts and fonts, damage to computer systems, and etc. By the way, by occurring of mistakes of Internet site code existing in a computer non-public information may become available to every user and may arise a danger for computer and your security.

Google Analytics data observation/monitoring. Google Analytics allows to see indicators of a website attendance and other data that related to visitors.

If Google Analytics tool is installed improperly then is showing a wrong/false website information – significantly are increased views of your website or considerably reduced user visiting indicators at your Internet site. The surveillance specialists watching and analyze the results, i.e.,  attendance and conversion (website vs. visitors ratio) statistical data. All the changes of  Google Analytics data need to watch and observe, because Internet users often change their profiles and each such change do an impact to general statistical data.

Google Analytics data professional observation allows safely and easy to perform website analysis, watch an upcoming changes and not harm to a various processes that running on a website (i.e., SEO)

Advantages of Website Maintenance

Internet site maintenance ensures a periodical and proper  updating of a website, solves different kind of administration problems, helps to detect small mistakes and disorders within their operative removal, do not let to occur for serious problems of the site functioning. Moreover, Internet site maintenance service specialists will help You :

  1. to save Your time
  2. to ensure a continuous and interrupted website functioning
  3. to receive professional advices and recommendations on website activities
  4. to earn highest search engine ratings (search engines much more better appreciate regularly updated and properly supervised Internet site)
  5. to secure a website from any kind of malwares and hackings

Hence, a surveillance of Internet sites will help to avoid technical mistakes, viruses and does not allow to crash a smooth website operation process. By handling content management system (CMS) all created websites requires at least a minimal technical  maintenance. Within such service is possible to satisfy new occurred needs, such as install an additional functions, renewed modules and other IT innovations.