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Software development


At this time when business environment is changing so rapidly You have to be able to respond to the changes on time, exploit new opportunities and survive competition in a world market. That is why due to these reasons software development is being used so widely – in a software development process some certain algorithms are written down into a programming language, it is when such language is transforming into machine code that comprehensible to computer. Need to underline that the software development includes itself  a variety of many items in human life – engineering, art, science, mathematics, culture, that is why  the best way out is to trust a whole development process to professional programming developers.

Computer programs are adopted  to work in various areas of social life, and this is the answer why programming specialists may create a professional software to a wide field of human activity like bookkeeping, accounting and finance, medicine, document management, insurance, manufacturing, chemistry industry, payment systems, neural network, artificial intelligent games, social network, law, and etc. The consumer should have to specify his own working area or type of business.

Program Development Principles

According to program development principles computer programs are divided into 2 basic groups – imperative and declarative, and those are divided into smaller sub-groups.Both groups has different meanings and a different character. An imperative program development includes a set of various executed commands and the sub-groups of it may consist from the following steps – consistent programming (non-limited by any rules and suitable to small programs), structural programming (this program is cleaved to models with a small dependence of each other) and object-oriented programming (the structure of that program is divided into classes that describes  various data and functionality).

Meanwhile a declarative program development includes a program that describes conditions so needed to reach  a result. This programming group even split into functional programming (the terms are described by using inner state non-having features) and logical  programming (the terms are described under relevant data and rules that indicate how those data are interconnected).

How the Program Development is Implemented?

Program development – quite difficult process demanding special knowledge and skills. Reviewing program development process in a comprehensive way this program includes several basic aspects : requirement analysis foresight of needful designing and tools (programming language, platform and etc.), creation of programming language, testing of program, its documentation,general support and installation.

There are some  basic steps to specialists that develop such program – creation of a plan, design and program as well as review of a demo version.

However, before starting to create a program is recommended to respond into major questions within keeping the plan – what are the capacities and limitations of a company, what kind of resources and competency are necessary by planning program development, and how the company is able to invest into this whole process.

To submit a consistent instruction of a program is enough difficult as development factors differ depending on a program type and programming language.Anyway, it is possible to specify a number of basic program development steps :

  1. Visions and expectations of a developed program. Here You should respond into major questions – what kind of features the program will perform ? ; what factors of risk characterized for each area the program will include? ; what purposive questions and problems this program may solve ? ; for what purposes that program was created? Otherwise, You should have to know which program You are able to run within making action plan that includes the objectives and features of a program.
  2. Objectives of a Program. Objectives are closely related to expected results of activity – what You seek for? Moreover, such objectives precisely include specific statements that must be implemented in order to reach the purposes.It should be noted that programs with purposeful, clear and measurable aims will have a higher impact neither the programs that objectives are so conceptual or too much wide.
  3. Choice for Language. It is so important to select a right programming language from a wide range of now existing. For creating of a multifunctioning program You need to use several programming languages. The choice of them depends on a purposes of each program.For instance, languages like Java or Visual are very popular as it easy to adopt and convenient for using as well as not hard to learn programming principles.Rest popular languages such as C, C + + ir C # are used for developing games, drivers, operating systems.
  4. Program Editing. These are the programs that allows to write a computer code. Such programs may be as simple (editing tool for a main text) as difficult to use (Adobe Dreamweaver, Eclipse, JDeveloper or Microsoft Visual Studio).
  5. Making of Program. Most of programming languages stand out of a high level.It means they easy understandable to people, but otherwise computer machines may not understand all those languages.So, You should not to forget following – the programming language must be properly created and developed in order computer may read it.
  6. Creation of the Program (Programming) When the programming language will be chosen as well as editing tools is possible start to program.The majority of consumers select a program „Hello World!“, but this solution is not the best way out. Programming development specialists says that best solution for it is Your own knowledge of a language syntax.

The answers regarding programming development You may find out at media or You may expect specialist consulting.

Why is worth to choose professional BIZBONSOFT software developers?

  1. By creating and developing  the programs BIZBONSOFT firstly finds out consumers‘ requirements and work to different  kind technologies, such as NET, J2EE, PHP, MSSQL, Oracle, My SQL, Sybase, SQLite, ASP.Net, HTML/Javascript, XML/XSL/XSLT, Internet Server API (ISAPI), C#, Visual Basic, C/C++ /Objective C, Java, Object Pascal (Delphi), Don Net Nuke, Orchard, Jumla, Word Press, and etc.|
  2. Specialist are able to accept non-standard solutions related with a certain activity area and individual consumer demands. It allows to control business management processes and ensure a smooth working.
  3. Assurance of a permanent and effective program functioning aiming to improve it.

Be sure  in a properly performed programming development – it is a key to a successful work and business!