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WordPress website development


Website creation heavily depends on the type of the site such as a representative website, e-shop/store (otherwise could be titled as commercial website), blogs. entertainment sites (music, movies, computer games and etc.), news sites (different types of articles, actualities and etc.), community sites (forums, chat forums and etc.). Depending on them You may select a respective website creation  technique, model or method.
Currently one of the most popular sites that are designed and actual for business is representative websites that build on  the WordPress content management system. However at this time is existing more than 30% of internet sites (about 19 % of them in Lithuania) that are based on WordPress content management system.

What is WordPress  Internet Site Creation?
WordPress is an Internet software that enable You to create a website which is based on a user measurable criteria. It is possible to purchase it :
1. By having an open code – WordPress website creation process starts after downloading a free version of a system from wordpress.org and after installation of it on Your PC, or You may visit WordPress website and perform previously mentioned steps. WordPress website creation is attractive for its lightweight update in order to adjust, renew or change data.
This Internet software is known for :
2. Safeness- this equipment meets all the requirements and regularly is renewed by the programmers of all the world. The features of such system are strictly documented.
3. Easy to use – website is quickly created and perfectly functioning. WordPress Internet site creation includes various adds-on (extensions) of design themes within plugins such as multilingualism, menu navigation,and etc.allowing You quickly and easily create or configurate a website. In addition, this system is  constantly improved according to users‘ experience (opinion).

4.Versatility – The WordPress system is suitable for creating and developing of any kind of the website despite its major task to build mostly representative sites.

  1. An attractive design – it created by professional designers and may be chosen under your needs (paid or free). Worpdress website development is distinguished by its unique site design.
  2. Having no special requirements – for a smooth running of a WordPress system is enough a standard hosting plan.

How to Use WordPress Website Development Tool?

First of all, by visiting in a WordPress site You should respond to a several questions and create Your own account.

Next step is to select a Hosting – Internet-based service group that includes following required items needful for website functionality: web (WWW ) hosting, e-mail, servers, and certain application software services. If You use a free WordPress account, Your website will always end at .wordpress.com.

Then You need to select a language in the bottom menu

Figure 1 WordPress toolbar

and choose a desired WordPress plan –
Beginner  (free of charge, with an opportunity to choose from 120 themes, is simple to change a design, is possible to add controllers);
Premium  (a paid plan, endings of a chosen website address – .com, .net, .org , possibility to select a desired printfont, colours, receive more space for images and video records, an oportunityto a direct contact with the WordPress developers);
 (an opportunity to select a desired website address, an unlimited option and space for personal files, a number of selected  themes to design, eCommerce features, to use and manage the features of  WordPress website development system.

After performing above mentioned steps You may start to create your own website – is selected a  header within a brief description of an upcoming site, and then You may choose a topic (design). The website is suggested to relate with active social network accounts ( Facebook and/or Twitter).

Basic WordPress Website Development Program Components

Basic WordPress components are themes (design, wallpapers/tailpiece/bolt) and plugins (features). Usually, design themes applied to visitors only in order to attract their attention, make an impress. Plugins are related with WordPress system smooth operation, and are both important to visitors and to system administrators. Furthermore, plugin also determines the functionality of the website.

Therefore, by creating and developing Internet site with a WordPress, first of all should to select a theme – design, image or wallpaper. Themes may be paid or free (depending on the chosen WordPress plan).


Figure 2 Select (Origin design: WordPress WordPress.com)

WordPress offers a broad range of themes that regularly are updated, and may be changed if it is necessary, You can also change some certain elements of theme – images, colours, a layout, description, headers or other visual information.

After selecting a desired  topic (Theme) and its details (Theme details) must see how the site will look ; by activating a theme (Live preview) and when the results meet Your expectations You must have to enable/ to activate a selected theme (Activate).

WordPress plugins are related to a system logic (sequence of actions)– data processing, its storage and features (comments and social publicity, categories and tags, hierarchy, chronology, archives, selectable templates). Currently, WordPress offers the choice of over 56 thousand plugins.


WordPress Website Development Tool is a great solution for self-help, easy and fast creation of Your website.