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Website design


According to specialists website design usually is described as a process of gathering ideas generally, its aesthetic composition and implementation and performed under the certain principles and requirements. One of the basic website design creation aims is properly to present the content of a site that will see  every Internet user.

Before start to create a site design is also important to foresee single components and evaluate an upcoming targeted audience and clients as well.

Website design components

By developing a design of Internet sites are invoked various elements :

Layout of a content: a layout of graphic images, adverts / notifications and text. Creating a website design is important that layout of a content will allow easily to user see and find a needed information. It means that design should be created according to the principles of a balance, consistency and wholeness.

Colours: the choice of them depends on the  aims of a company and client audience. Content may be usual – black and white or coloured one (that includes a multitude of matching colours) and must convey an individuality of a trademark.

Graphics: this category includes following components, such as logotype, photos, illustrations and icons that strengthens an efficiency of a website design. Aiming to ensure a convenient website usage to users these graphics elements should be properly adapted by combining them with the colours and general content. However, an Internet site should not have to be overloaded by graphic elements because of non-aesthetic view may seen  and that could be a disturb for website activity –  may slowdown its rapidity (loading).

Font: A usage of various fonts may improve a design of a site. By the way, attention should be paid on the most Internet browsers that are able to scan only a certain amount of fonts (Web-safe fonts).A majority of website design developers is using Latin fonts and their basic distinctive feature is  barriers that are at letter endings. These are easy-to-read fonts having no any tiredness to users‘ eyes. Also are popular fonts like Arial, San Serif, Verdana that has no barriers at the letter endings, but usually are used by creating Internet sites. These fonts are liked for its modernity and easy legibility on computer monitors and smart devices

Content: content and design must function (act) together that via image to text ratio would be strengthened a major notification of website (an essence).A provided text should be actual and useful to users and not mislead readers, and must satisfy their needs – to respond into what they are searching for at the website. A content should be optimized for search engines (SEO)  with an appropriate volume and with included needful keywords.

Customized to a User Internet Site Design Development

Without basic site components that transform such website into aesthetic and visually attractive an Internet site must be adapted else to an ultimate user (it should be foreseen previously). With these elements a website becomes convenient to a user.

Navigation: website structure, menu and other navigation tools should be included into a website design development process, according to peculiar properties of browsing and search of the users. The aim of this step is help to a user smoothly browse on the site and easily find a needful information.

Multimedia (a usage of several information types): actual (related among) elements of sound and video that used by developing a website design helps to users easier to realize an information  as well as it simplifies information acquisition processes to them. It also encourages Internet consumers to  spend as possible more time being at the website

Compatibility: need to create such Internet site that may work smoothly in all Internet browsers and operating systems. It increases review components of a site.

Technologies: a constant progress of technologies provide to website design developers a  freedom  in involving various maneuvers and innovations that allow to a website look as new, dynamic and professional.

Interactivity: to increase an active user participation and involvement is possible by creating a space for commentaries within opportunities to express their opinions on the site. All that must be incorporated into a website and suit with its design. To transform Internet consumers to potential clients may help e-mail forms and registrations to receive newsletters.


Professional website design developers may create an added value to a site as well as may provide a positive experience to users.. They use planning opportunities and design analysis by paying attention to individual provided specifications by users, complicated and intricate processes transforming into easily understandable.

And please do not forget that Internet site is like a visit card of a company, it is a first strong and important impression on Your activity to users. A website design  should be related to a company activity, its logotype and uniquenesses in order to attract the visitors as well encourage them to return  once again.